The Little Victories

Posted on May 5, 2011


One of my concentrations at the moment has been pay conditions in UK archaeology. I have done a bunch of posts on it (to many to list here). Most of my work has been examining job postings from the IfA jobs information bulletin. For about a decade someone would go through the job bulletins each year and sum up the salaries offered. That was till about three years ago when that stopped. So, I picked up where previous archaeologists left off and completed the work for the last few years. Which was great, I got a poster out of it and probably a paper, maybe peer review {cause we all know that makes it better ;) its not real research unless it’s peer reviewed}. Then I got all of the BAJR job postings from David Connolly. Great, except what if I combined all of my data with BAJR data and got different results? All my work would have been for nothing.

Well that was a bunch of worrying for nothing. Just finished the calculations and the results are practically the same. For ex. the BAJR data added 37 new excavator positions for 2008 (IfA was 31) but the difference in average salaries was 15,300 to 15,299. A one pound difference is better then I could ask for considering I was double the sample size. It just means my original data was pretty accurate. Of course there were a few results that were not as good, the difference between consulting jobs was 13%. Considering I only had two postings to work with in the beginning that is not at all surprising. Also, with only two posts I really did not have high confidence  in the results anyways.

Anyways its always good to find out your work was not for nothing and even with different data included your first results were correct. It’s all about the little victories in life.

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