How Many People in the US Have Archaeology Degrees? Significantly more than a bakers dozen

July 11, 2014


‘How many people have got an archaeology degree in the US?’ People ask this question for a variety of reasons, like knowing how many people you have to compete with to get a job, how many people might be very interested in Archaeology, or they are practicing for a quiz style game-show like  Jeopardy, Who […]

Jobs in British Archaeology 2013-14

July 10, 2014


It is that time of the year again, I have done the calculations for wages in British Archaeology based on job adverts. This is an article I will be submitting to The Archaeologist magazine. Though it will take several months before it is published so I will post it here so you can see it […]

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Exploitation From the Heritage Sector Hits New Low

July 8, 2014


My heart goes out to everyone working in the Heritage Sector i.e. museums, art galleries, archaeology, etc. Projects are underfunded, there is never enough money, and pay can be poor for some. I have worked for, and with, dozens of heritage organizations on countless projects and I know how much everyone depends on volunteers and […]

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Why are there so few Archaeologists in such a large country? America’s Archaeology Employment Problems

July 8, 2014


When I posted that it is estimated that there were only 11,000 archaeologists working in the USA, pre-crash, several people made the comment that it seems like so few for such a big country. “….it is pretty astounding to think that there are only 11k archaeologists pre-crash in that huuuuuge country.” - Rachel on BAJR […]

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4 Unwritten Rules of Professional Archaeology

June 25, 2014


The Archaeology in Tennessee Blog has put out a call to collect the unwritten rules of professional archaeology. Here is a brief blurb on it- “It occurred to us that similar sets of unwritten rules are probably operative on a conscious or unconscious level in the world of professional archaeology.  These are rules that no […]

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Oil Boom Produces Financial Trap for Archaeologists

June 23, 2014


You might have seen this article popup on Facebook, Twitter, or news organizations in the last week or so- ‘Oil Boom Produces Jobs Bonanza for Archaeologists‘. It is an AP article which means that everyone and their brother has chopped, cut, and pasted bits and pieces into their own little mini articles. Which means you […]

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How Many Archaeologists are in the US?: More than a couple, less than there should be.

June 18, 2014


How many archaeologists are there in the US? I received a request for this information from a reader. Surprisingly, it is a very difficult to track down an answer to this question.  Unlike the UK, Japan, Australia, and most of Europe there has yet to be any sort of project like Profiling the Profession to tell […]

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