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A Tale of Two Countries: Scottish Independence and the Archaeology workforce

September 16, 2014


A Tale of Two Countries I laid out how many aspects of Archaeology and Heritage will not change with an independent Scotland in my last post. But, there are many issues that an Independent Scotland would be dramatically different than the current UK and no more so that the future makeup of their workforce. An […]

What an Independent Scotland would mean for Archaeology and Heritage.

September 15, 2014


On September 18th┬áthe people of Scotland will vote on their independence from the United Kingdom, potentially becoming the oldest-newest independent nation in the world. Until last week the result of the referendum was predictable, the ‘Yes’ campaign (pro-independence) was heading for a shellacking. A few months ago some polls had the No Campaign, more correctly […]

Around the Archaeology Blog-o-sphere Digest #2

September 13, 2014


Here is the second round of the Archaeology Blog-0-sphere round-up. Basically, I am highlighting some of the other archeo-blogs out there but instead of focusing on the whole blog I am going to be collecting all their posts from the last week . I realise not everyone uses an RSS reader and some people might […]

Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe 2014 – What it means to work in European Archaeology

September 11, 2014


I am at the EAA conference in Istanbul. Today is a great session on the Disco Project (#letsdisco on twitter). It is a continental-wide project looking at the Archaeology working in Europe. Very interesting stuff on who, what, and where archaeologists are working, at least in Europe. It is being streamed live- (it is saved […]

Computer Applications in Archaeology UK Conference- Presentations, now in HD video

September 9, 2014


A while ago, I recorded┬áthe presentations at the 2013 CAAUK (Computer Applications in Archaeology UK Chapter) conference hosted by L-P Archaeology in London. I recently upgrade both my video editing skills and software. Because of that I decided to re-edit the videos or as Disney likes to call it “digitally remastered”. Basically, cleaned up the […]

How Publishers Make Money by Losing Money: The Economics of Archaeology Publishing Part 2

September 8, 2014


In my first post on the economics of book publishing I mentioned that many mass medias have a long tail model, most books “lose” money but a few make lots of money. With all these losses you might be wondering how publishers stay in business? The Art of Taxes Books are physical stock and physical […]

Around the Archaeology Blogosphere Digest #1

September 5, 2014


Over a year ago I used to do a weekly post of other Archaeology Blogs worth following, highlighting some of the other archeo blogs out there. I would like to pick back up that tradition. However, instead of focusing on the whole blog I am going to be collecting all the posts from the last […]