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It’s the Content, Stupid

April 30, 2014


Conversations 5,ooo miles apart have converged in the last few days to lead me to scream at the top of my lungs, it’s the content, stupid. Bill, on his blog, was summing up the SAA conference, which took place last week, and in his post he mentioned something that caught my attention. “Archaeology blogging is in a maturation […]

Blogging Archaeology- The Book #blogarch

April 26, 2014


I have not posted for a little while and that is because I have been very busy editing and putting together an eBook- Blogging Archaeology. As I am typing this the SAA session on blogging and archaeology is happening. Chris has launched the book there (not sure if it worked but it is supposed to […]

Blogging Archaeology- The Final Review of #blogarch

April 6, 2014


  We have finally reached the end of the #blogarch blogging carnival. The SAA session on blogging is at the end of the month so this will be the last of the #blogarch carnival, for now. It has been an amazing run. You can see all of the responses to last months questions at there […]

My hopes, dreams, and fears (blogging for tenure) for #BlogArch

April 1, 2014


Last week I was on the Radio with the great folks at Trowel Points and Terry discussing blogging. Aside from shameless self promotion, I recommend that you have a listen as it was an excellent session. One of the questions Joe asked us was, “does social media and blogging matter?” “Does it lead to anything?” […]

A #blogarch Look at “Old” Work- Does Blogging Have to Be Linear?

March 7, 2014


The Archaeology Blogging Carnival has raised some interesting subjects to think about in relation to archaeology and blogging. One aspect I have been thinking about lately is the linear nature of blogging. Most blogging platforms work in a linear fashion. You post and usually, unless one specifies it differently, your most recent post is found […]

Blogging Archaeology – Responses to Feb’s Question or how I killed #BlogArch, and final question!

March 5, 2014


This is the summary to February’s question to the Blogging Archaeology blog carnival! If you don’t know what Blogging Archaeology is click on this link. Blogging Archaeology- banner from These bones of Mine. Image credit Even though this post is the summation of what was said in the last month it is not too late to join […]

You’re blogging, people are reading, but what impact are you having? #blogarch

March 4, 2014


We blog but is anyone actually reading? Answer: Yes, of course. We have web stats that let us know that people are reading our posts. The real question I want to look at is what sort of impact our posts actually have on our audiences. This is what I want to tackle for my contribution […]

Blogging Archaeology #BlogArch – All of the Responses to the best and worst posts

February 6, 2014


Another great response to the Blogging Archaeology blog carnival! If you don’t know what Blogging Archaeology is click on this link. A quick announcement- thanks to These Bones of Mine we have a new banner. Also, there is some exciting news (at the end with next months question, scroll down to see): Even though this […]

My Best, My Worst- #blogarch

January 30, 2014


Here is my post for this months #blogarch the Archaeology Blogging Carnival and a reminder that on the 5th of Feb. I will post all the responses to this months question so best get them in soon. Best. Hmmmm, well looking at stats in my case is useless, maddening, and heartening. Here are my top […]

Blogging Archaeology #BlogArch – All of the Responses to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

January 5, 2014


Another great response to the Blogging Archaeology blog carnival, 56 (now 59) responses, some of them new to the carnival! If you don’t know what Blogging Archaeology is click on this link. Even though this post is the summation of what was said in the last month it is not too late to join in. […]

#BlogArch- From Good to Meh

January 4, 2014


My turn to answer December’s question for the #BlogArch carnival (There is still time to post for December as I don’t do summaries till the 5th of each month). The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Archaeology Blogging or in my case the Good and the Meh. The Meh As of yet I have […]

Blogging Archaeology #BlogArch – All of the Responses to Why?

December 3, 2013


Wow! We had an amazing turn out for the first month of the Blogging Archaeology blog carnival, 58 (now 72) participants! If you don’t know what Blogging Archaeology is click on this link. Even though this post is the summation of what was said in the last month it is not too late to join […]

Why Blogging?

December 1, 2013


Here is my contribution to my own blogging carnival- Blogging Archaeology.  FYI- I will not be doing a summary of November’s question till December 3rd so there is still time to join in. Why Blog? I had to go back a few years to my first post to see why I started blogging. Back then […]

Blogging Archaeology

November 5, 2013


This is the page the launched the 2013-2014 Blogging Archaeology Blog Carnival. Don’t know what it is? Read on. The event is over and has accumulated in a wonderful book:   It is Open Access i.e. FREE to Read. You can download it here: Blogging Archaeology. It is a great resource to learn about blogging […]

Archaeology/Archaeology Related Blogs to Read XXII

January 26, 2013


Over 100+ blogs covered so far, full list can be seen here and more to go. Here is this weeks installment to add to the list: Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper- “This site is about archaeology, and things that catch the interest of an archaeologist who is lucky enough to work in journalism: I […]

“When you are caught up in the throes of academia, in historical debate and analysis, you sometimes lose touch with that essential part of history; it’s the part that makes it beautiful and interesting.”

November 26, 2011


Crowd Sourcing Archaeology Funds: Tip of the Iceberg or Passing Fad ?

November 13, 2011


Dr. Kristina Killgrove have just completed a crowd sourcing project to raise money for her Roman DNA project. This video explains what the project is about:

New Use of Blogs

November 4, 2011


Stephen H. Lekson, from the Museum of Natural History at the University of Colorado, has started a new blog, The Southwest in the World. It is a pretty cool concept. He is writing a book putting up rough chapters up as blog posts.

Blogging Helps Your Career

August 14, 2011


The Impact of Blogs Part II: Blogging enhances the blogger’s reputation. But, does it influence policy? The Impact of Economic Blogs – Part I: Dissemination (aka check out these cool graphs!) Two blog posts from the World Bank blog on how blogging is correlated with better careers for economists. Yes, economists not archaeologists but I […]

Archaeologists gets FIRED for Blogging

June 12, 2011


A few months ago, during the blogging carnival leading up to the SAA’s, the question was asked what are the consequences of Blogging? Of all the responses no one really took the fact that blogging could cost someone their job that serious. Well a few months later and it has happened, Chris Webster of Random […]

Blogging Carnival- Why I am a horrible horrible Boy Scout

March 23, 2011


So to back track in the blogging Carnival, which I am very late to, the questions discussed for week 3 was “the risks you take as a blogger”. There were many great responses.  I did not think I would have anything to contribute to this topic since I just started blogging a few days ago. […]