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How Much Do Archaeology Project Managers Make- with 2011 data

January 11, 2012


This post looks at pay for project managers/project directors/junior archaeologists/project supervisor (there are about a dozen different names for this position but it is really middle management e.g. someone who is in charge of excavations or the lab on projects but is not the very top person like the company owner or senior management). As […]

How Much an Archaeology Crew Chief Makes, 2011

January 9, 2012


In this post I take a look at the pay for the position of crew chief/senior technician. The methodology is the same as before. This position is a weird one in that not every company has this type of position and it also tends to be a position seen in some areas of the country […]

How Much Did Archaeology Technicians Make in 2011

January 7, 2012


The numbers are in for my annual examination of archaeology job postings in the US (UK runs on a fiscal year and will be ready in April). My data comes from the job postings on the websites yahoo group and (added for the 2011 numbers), duplicate posts between the two and multiple postings […]

More East vs. West Archaeology Pay

December 19, 2011


Last week I looked at why archaeologists in the Western half of the USA make more money then those on the Eastern half. I looked at some factors like size of states, population, number archaeology/anthropology programs available locally, etc. which had very low correlations with the pay patterns. What appears to explain what is seen […]

East vs. West- Why pay is better for archaeologists in the west II (government land)

December 13, 2011


Yesterday, I wrote about how archaeologists in the Western United States make better pay then those in the Eastern United States. I also looked at land size, number of archaeology programs available, and population of states to see if there was any correlation between these factors and pay; there wasn’t. Moving on to the next […]

East vs. West- Why pay is better for archaeologists in the west.

December 12, 2011


It has been pretty well documented that pay is better for archaeologists in the Western United States vs. the Eastern United States (see here for another publication on it, p.36). Lots of people have made guesses as to why that is but no one has actually investigated it. I figured I would test out some […]

Canary in the Coal Mine: Will anthropologists be the first to go?

November 17, 2011


Dr. Janice Happer, an anthropologists herself, wrote a very interesting opt. ed. “Why Florida Gov. Rick Scott Was Right To Slam Studying Anthropology“. Which is quite a different response then other anthropologists to Governor Rick Scott’s comments. She does point out, as I have, that the numbers provided by the Department of Labour are crap […]

Archaeology & Anthropology Jobs Expected to Grow by 22% by 2018?

November 2, 2011


For a side project I have been looking at a lot of university anthropology department pages. As part of that I keep stumbling across this statement on department websites ” Overall employment of anthropologists and archaeologists, geographers, and historians is expected to grow by 22 percent from 2008 to 2018, which is much faster than […]

Archaeologists Field Tech Pay in the US

August 28, 2011


I have updated the my page on archaeology job conditions in the US with field tech data for all of the states west of the Mississippi. Again, it is job postings so the data is limited but it gives you an idea of what the pay, per hour, is like out there. Here is the […]

Archaeology Job Conditions in the US

August 27, 2011


I created a new page dealing with archaeology job conditions in the US- I will be adding information here and there. Here is first section on field tech pay: Field Technician (Techs) is the entry level position for most archaeologists who go into commercial work. Pay differs from region to region and state to […]

The College Payoff- Archaeology Edition (3)

August 18, 2011


The Georgetown university report on degree payoffs, used so far in this review, (seen here listed the median life time earnings (40 hrs a week, 52 weeks a year, 40 years) by degrees is as follows: Associates: 25th percentile- $1,177,100 Median- $1,727,000 75th Percentile- $2,426,300 BA: 25th percentile-$1,490,600 Median-$2,268,000 75th Percentile-3,388,700 MA: 25th percentile- […]

The College Payoff- Archaeology Edition (2)

August 17, 2011


The Georgetown university report on degree payoffs (seen here listed the lowest life time earning (based on 40hrs a week for 40 years) by career for Associates and BA degrees, out of the 300 occupations it covered. They were: Associates degree- Teacher Assistants $9.40 per hr. ($782,000) Cashiers $10.81 per hr. ($899,000) Nursing, Psychiatric, […]

The College Payoff- Archaeology Edition (1)

August 16, 2011


Georgetown university just published a report on lifetime earnings of people by degree level e.g. some highschool, highschool, BA, MA, PhD, and professional degrees. You can see the summary and full report here:   They have a even shorter summary of 4 rules: Rule No.1: Degree Level Matters. But Rule No.2: Occupational choice can […]

Life Time Earnings of a Archaeologists: Commercial, US

April 30, 2011


This developed out of my own personal curiosity about what a archaeologists will make over their lifetime. You can google this information BUT what you find is completely useless. The data used to create these numbers are ether from of small sample that means nothing or from government statistics which, again, means next to nothing. […]

Archaeology Consultant Jobs UK with BAJR data

April 29, 2011


The last of my Google maps of UK jobs have been updated with BAJR data, at least for the year 2010. Hope it is of help. As always this map, many other maps, and a description of the methods used to create them can be found here.

Job Map of the UK: Project Managers and Above

April 26, 2011


To add to the several other maps I have created recently, here is a map of Project Managers (and above) for the last three years now updated with BAJR data (2010 only). Thank you David and thanks IfA for the original data as well. See more maps here

UK Archaeology Jobs Map for 2010

April 18, 2011


After receiving some feedback of the earlier job maps I created (see maps here) I have made some changes . Apologies, to those who saw the first version. I am creating maps in Googlemaps which has a different view than those of the embedded maps. On my editing screen in look clean and straightforward but […]

Good News! Sort of…. and tens years late.

April 11, 2011


It is real easy to get very doom and gloom when discussing the living and working conditions of archaeologists. So it is always nice to find some good news, even if it is ten years late. Excavators barely get paid a living wage (debatable) and easily some of the lowest wages of those that go […]

They are Making How Much!?! That Can’t Be Right!!!!!

April 10, 2011


As of recent, I have been looking at the pay trends of archaeologists in the US and UK. There were two ways I could have approached this, a census (large sample no census gets 100%) or a sampling (small sample). With a census I could have sent out a massive mailing asking for information from […]

Archaeology Jobs, UK- Specialists

April 6, 2011


So to continue my work from earlier, see here, here, here, here, here, and here, I have made a Google map of the job postings for specialists in archaeology. There is a wide range of specialist jobs from radiocarbon dating to zooarchaeology. I have also made a webpage on how to find information on job […]

Commercial Archaeology Jobs, UK- Project Managers and Senior Positions

April 4, 2011


To continue with the trend of the last few posts here is a Google Map for Project Manager jobs in the UK. I should reiterate that locations are approximations e.g. I place a marker in London for jobs based out of London but do not actually put the exact location.

Commercial Archaeology Jobs, UK- Supervisors

April 2, 2011


So to continue with my last several posts I have created another Google map. This one is for commercial archaeology position of Field/Finds supervisor. If you are not familiar with the UK system a site supervisor is just above excavator and below field officer. It would be the equivalent of Crew Chief in the states […]

Excavator Jobs, UK

April 1, 2011


After my disaster with Bing Maps I am moving back to Google Maps. Here is a map of excavator jobs in the UK between 2008-2010.

Archaeology Illustrator Jobs in the UK & Bing maps

March 31, 2011


I have recently been combining some of my data with web-based map services. My first try was with Goolge Maps and this attempt is with Bing Maps. I have to say that Bing Maps has pleasantly surprised me. I am not a huge fan of Microsoft products but this one is pretty good. There are […]

Archaeology Consultant Jobs UK

March 30, 2011


As part of my current research, I am going through the IFA job bulletins looking at pay rates for the last few years. While the results will eventual make its way into a paper publication I am trying to experiment with other avenues to present the information. To that end, I have taken a subset […]

Labor of Love or Exploitation

March 19, 2011


So for my first true blog I will talk about some of my most recent research. Long story short, I went through the job postings on archaeology job site, Shovebums, and calculated out the wages for Field Techs (entry level position in archaeology) for the last couple of years. I even turned the data into […]