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There is a Crises in UK Academic Archaeology BUT it’s not the one you think

February 20, 2013


All of yesterday and now most of today I have seen this Guardian article making the rounds on social media sites, forums, etc.- Will the study of archaeology soon become a thing of the past? It was written by a historian,  Michael Braddick who also happens to be the pro-vice-chancellor for the faculty of arts […]

Jobs in British Archaeology 2008-2011

January 4, 2012


An article of mine was recently published in The Archaeologists, which is open access but with a 1 year rolling wall were you have to be a member of the IfA to see it. The reason I published there was because it was open access but one year is a long time to wait for […]

The Flow of Ideas

November 30, 2011


The other day I mused about how certain universities dominate where academics get their degrees from and how this might influence the spread of ideas. Taking this a bit further I looked at the distribution of academics, in the UK, by decade to see if there were trends over time. Again, using the distribution of […]

Where do Professors Come From?

November 28, 2011


In my last few posts I have looked at how long it takes between a PhD and an Academic Job both overall and by decade. As part of that same dataset I also collected information on where academic archaeologists got their degrees from. This happened to be a lot easier to obtain then details on […]

Not Your Fathers Archaeology- Time between PhD and Archaeology Academic Jobs.

November 25, 2011


A few days ago I wrote about the average time it took academics in the UK between receiving their PhD and getting an permanent academic job, 4.32 yrs,  but that was an over all average and not broken down by any other factors. I have since looked at these numbers by the decade in which […]

How Long Between a PhD and Academic Archaeology Job?

November 23, 2011


How Long Between when one gets a PhD and when one obtains an academic job in archaeology? Lots of people ask that question so I set out to find the answer, at least for UK based archaeologists. As part of looking at the number of staff positions post I also noted down years staff obtained […]

Show Me the Money- Funding Sources for a Archaeology PhD in the UK

October 5, 2011


Thinking about getting a archaeology PhD in the UK? Wondering how you are going to pay for it? I can’t answer that for you but here is a break down of how other PhD students funded their studies

Hitting the Wall- the loss of archaeology students

September 15, 2011


Many long distance runners will experience a phenomenon, known as hitting the wall, during a race. This is were their bodies reach the limit of their abilities and they can no longer keep up their current pace. Academic archaeology is in the middle of such an event. The graph below shows the number of archaeology […]

When it Rains, it Pours PhDs

September 14, 2011


First look at this figure- Since 1988, over 1,735+ people have graduated with a UK PhD in archaeology.

Academic Jobs in the UK- If you thought the US job market was flooded

September 9, 2011


As a companion to my research into academic jobs in North American I took a look at academic jobs for archaeologists in the UK.

Reinveting the Archaeology CV/Resume

August 13, 2011


A more updated post on resumes can be found here Archaeologists is unlike any other job in the world, yet we continue to use the same CV/resume template as ever other profession. {Note- resume is a North American term for a 2 page summary of your experience while a CV is a list, many pages […]

Excavating in Scotland IIB

August 6, 2011


As part of the excavation at Temple, Scotland we walked down the road to the local church, actually old church. Pretty cool place to visit, the Canmor record is pretty good. As part of a refurbishment of a wall adjacent to the church cemetery a tombstone was uncovered.  Actually, two were found but one has […]

Archaeology Consultant Jobs UK with BAJR data

April 29, 2011


The last of my Google maps of UK jobs have been updated with BAJR data, at least for the year 2010. Hope it is of help. As always this map, many other maps, and a description of the methods used to create them can be found here.

Job Map of the UK: Project Managers and Above

April 26, 2011


To add to the several other maps I have created recently, here is a map of Project Managers (and above) for the last three years now updated with BAJR data (2010 only). Thank you David and thanks IfA for the original data as well. See more maps here

Archaeology PhD Programs: Can We Do Them Better?

April 25, 2011


Recently, one of the people I did my MA with decided that she was going to quite her PhD program. There were a multitude of reasons for this but one specifically stood out to me, time. She was led to believe that her MA would transfer without any problems and that she was looking at […]

Field/Project Officer Pay in the UK

April 23, 2011


Updated the Field/Project Officer pay map with data from BAJR. There is now a fairly complete listing of all the jobs from 2010 that people advertised for. As always this has been added to the regional map.

Illustrator Job Maps Now with BAJR data.

April 21, 2011


Again, thanks to David Connolly I have been able to update my UK jobs maps with BAJR data. I have added the job postings for 2010 to both the individual map and the region map (see below). It was not that many extra but every little bit helps.

Excavator Job Maps: Now with BAJR data

April 19, 2011


Thanks to David Connolly, I now have job posting data from BAJR. I am adding it to the maps I have made so far (see here for summary). It’s a lot of data, so it is slow going, but when I am done it should represent the majority of archaeology job postings in the UK […]

UK Archaeology Jobs Map for 2010

April 18, 2011


After receiving some feedback of the earlier job maps I created (see maps here) I have made some changes . Apologies, to those who saw the first version. I am creating maps in Googlemaps which has a different view than those of the embedded maps. On my editing screen in look clean and straightforward but […]

They are Making How Much!?! That Can’t Be Right!!!!!

April 10, 2011


As of recent, I have been looking at the pay trends of archaeologists in the US and UK. There were two ways I could have approached this, a census (large sample no census gets 100%) or a sampling (small sample). With a census I could have sent out a massive mailing asking for information from […]

Is a IFA membership worth it? Revisited

April 9, 2011


As with everything you write, as soon as you publish something you read something else you wish you could have included. A few days ago I wrote about how I thought an IFA membership was worth the cost if you were looking for a job. Basically, I said- Different employers put different emphasis on different […]

Is a IFA membership worth it?

April 7, 2011


My membership to the Institute For Archaeologists (IFA) was just accepted a few days ago so the IFA is on my mind. If you are not familiar with the IFA it is a professional body in the UK a lot like the Register of Professional Archaeologists in the United States. You pay dues and agree […]

Archaeology Jobs, UK- Specialists

April 6, 2011


So to continue my work from earlier, see here, here, here, here, here, and here, I have made a Google map of the job postings for specialists in archaeology. There is a wide range of specialist jobs from radiocarbon dating to zooarchaeology. I have also made a webpage on how to find information on job […]

Commercial Archaeology Jobs, UK- Project Managers and Senior Positions

April 4, 2011


To continue with the trend of the last few posts here is a Google Map for Project Manager jobs in the UK. I should reiterate that locations are approximations e.g. I place a marker in London for jobs based out of London but do not actually put the exact location.

Commercial Archaeology Jobs, UK- Supervisors

April 2, 2011


So to continue with my last several posts I have created another Google map. This one is for commercial archaeology position of Field/Finds supervisor. If you are not familiar with the UK system a site supervisor is just above excavator and below field officer. It would be the equivalent of Crew Chief in the states […]

Excavator Jobs, UK

April 1, 2011


After my disaster with Bing Maps I am moving back to Google Maps. Here is a map of excavator jobs in the UK between 2008-2010.

Archaeology Illustrator Jobs in the UK & Bing maps

March 31, 2011


I have recently been combining some of my data with web-based map services. My first try was with Goolge Maps and this attempt is with Bing Maps. I have to say that Bing Maps has pleasantly surprised me. I am not a huge fan of Microsoft products but this one is pretty good. There are […]

Archaeology Consultant Jobs UK

March 30, 2011


As part of my current research, I am going through the IFA job bulletins looking at pay rates for the last few years. While the results will eventual make its way into a paper publication I am trying to experiment with other avenues to present the information. To that end, I have taken a subset […]