Middle Ground- Firming up my ideas 1

Posted on March 20, 2011


So, next weekend I am presenting a paper at the conference In Search of the Middle Ground – Quantitative Spatial Techniques and the Experiential Theory. Right now my “paper” is a mix of slides, paragraphs, and points I want to get across. I would prefer not to read verbatim from a fully prepared papers as this leads to horrible papers, as described by Michael Smith. One day, I might want to give a horrible presentation but I don’t plan to do it this weekend (I am sure the conference hosts will appreciate this).

In preparation for this conference I think I will blog about what I plan to present.

“but why Doug aren’t you going to present it at the conference. Why would anyone stay to see you presentation if they could read it the week before” – devils advocate

Well for one, I just started this blog so I highly doubt  that anyone going to the conference will stumble across my blog before then. Two, what about everyone who does not attend the conference devils advocate? They will not have the chance to see me present. This will be the perfect chance for them to see what I present/presented and maybe gain something from it.

“Yeah, but isn’t the paper going to be published at some point so they could read the final polished version?”- devils advocate

For starters, blogging about it will give me practice in how I want to present. So my in-person presentation will be better because of the blog – practice, practice, practice. Second, there is no guarantee that the articles will be open access. As a huge believer in open access that would bring personal anguish to me. This blog is open to all so I am following my mantra of open access. Finally, while a “polished” version is nice there are many things that get “edited” out of final versions, with good reason too. As I discussed with my co-workers, the last couple of harry potter books were incredibly long and we think that is because no one edited them. Really, did they need to wonder the world for 500 pages? On the flip side, sometimes important concepts or ideas get edited out and are never entered into the record. Ideas, that while the author might not pursue, other readers might find interesting. Anyways, if someone wants they can read this blog or the final paper – no gun to anyone’s head to do ether.

Before I start blogging I have an appeal to you the reader- PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK

Email, comment, blog, smoke signals, anything on any points you disagree with or strongly agree with. I promise I will appreciate any suggestions or comments.

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