How to Learn GIS for Archaeology

Posted on March 21, 2011


University of Leicester GIS Training for Archaeologists

and is case the link doesn’t work

My adviser told me about this site. He also said that it was no longer linked in any meaningful way to the main University of Leicester archaeology website and so he was looking into finding it. Well, I ended up stumbling across it today and felt like sharing it with everyone. It is quite the amazing site with video tutorials and practicals to work on. All for free!!!

The University of Leicester- School of Archaeology and Ancient History, the Department of Geography, and the SPLINT Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning should really be given a applause for this . Great resource to put up on the web.

The only problem I see is that it probably has not been publicized enough. Not to say it hasn’t been publicized, just not enough. Lots of people are looking to learn GIS for archaeology all the time but this resource actually goes not rank well in google searches. Its a shame because it is a good resource.

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