Archaeology Illustrator Jobs in the UK & Bing maps

Posted on March 31, 2011


I have recently been combining some of my data with web-based map services. My first try was with Goolge Maps and this attempt is with Bing Maps. I have to say that Bing Maps has pleasantly surprised me. I am not a huge fan of Microsoft products but this one is pretty good. There are some features I really like, for example they have a feature were you can look at aerial views from an angle (very helpful if you are trying to see where you are going). Also, they outline some of the buildings on road view so you can see the shape of the building you are going to. Bing Maps also lets you put a picture into your markers.

The downsides are that the searches are complete rubbish. I put in Museum of London archaeology services and it took me to Canada???? What? How? I am not sure how that works. Moreover, all of the nice features, that I mentioned above, are limited to only a few parts of the country or areas of a city. I am not sure on the numbers but it looks like the coverage is around 5-10%. Microsoft really needs to increase this coverageĀ  and improve its searches to make this a viable option for people.

Hopefully, this encourages Google to up their game on Google Maps. It would be great to see some of these features in Google Maps. Also, for Google to stop resting and get as innovative as Bing.

Enough about maps, here is data on Illustrator jobs for archaeologists in the UK. The numbers are pretty thin for the last couple of years. Hope it helps in your job searches and pay negotiations.


– so I tried to ebbed the Bing Map in WordPress but after an hour of work-arounds from the WordPress forum, and nothing good happening, I’ll just post my link here!113&eo=0&explore=sst.0&FORM=LMLTCC

I am pretty sure this painful ordeal has put the nail in the coffin of my use of Bing Maps.

UPDATE 2- So, the link above just takes you to a generic map and none of the points I entered in show up. I think I will have to create a google map. Bing Maps suck.

UPDATE 3- I ended up creating a google map. I think that speaks volumes for the hurdles that Bing Maps needs to over come.