Is a IFA membership worth it? Revisited

Posted on April 9, 2011


As with everything you write, as soon as you publish something you read something else you wish you could have included. A few days ago I wrote about how I thought an IFA membership was worth the cost if you were looking for a job. Basically, I said-

Different employers put different emphasis on different qualifications to meet their respected needs. So an IFA membership can mean a lot in some cases or nothing but a ticked box in others. Yet, in today’s job climate a ticked box is a huge deal. When you have 100-200 people applying to every open position there is no way someone is going to read through every resume or CV in detail (assuming 5 mins. per CV x 200 = 17hrs of reading resumes no one is going to do that). Most of the people doing the hiring will simply skim each resume and tick off that they meet the requirements listed in the job posting. Those that do not get all the ticks will get binned and then the remaining ones will be looked at in detail. In some fancy companies, were you apply on-line, the computer will sort your application automatically and people will never even see your CV if it fails the ticked-box test.

Well today I read a blog post, Job Hunting + current climate = meh, from Exciting Adventures in Archaeological Computing, the Xbox and Knitting! and here is some of what was said-

Well, because an otherwise perfectly decent saturday morning was ruined by the arrival of a letter informing me that I haven’t reached the interview stage for a post I really wanted. Not only did I really want the job but I could have carried out all the essential tasks blindfolded and handcuffed, presuming my fingers were free to type. I hear you saying that these things happen all the time and there are more fish in the sea etc ………..

However, the fact that the letter kindly informed me that a shortlisting officer had reviewed my application made me nearly spill my now tainted by letter opening cup of tea. What kind of job/person is that? Does that mean that my application didn’t even make it into the hands of someone who could understand the value of my experience and past work?

It appears that some organizations are not even sending on the resumes to their HR people but having someone skim them first to weed out applicants. Chances are, no one important will even skim your CV/resume these days. It’s a real shame but it looks like a ticked box holds more sway than ever in this world. No wonder people are going back to school to get degrees for jobs they have already done for 20 yrs. Experience only means something once you get past the file binning system.