UK Archaeology Jobs Map for 2010

Posted on April 18, 2011


After receiving some feedback of the earlier job maps I created (see maps here) I have made some changes . Apologies, to those who saw the first version. I am creating maps in Googlemaps which has a different view than those of the embedded maps. On my editing screen in look clean and straightforward but that was not the case.

I re-designed the map by regions- click on a region and see all the jobs posted in that year (now, the maps are by year not job).

This map is in BETA form right now- I plan on making many revisions e.g. at BAJR job data (thanks David for that), different positions etc. For now please enjoy an improved previous jobs information map.

The data was collected from job advertisements on the IfA job information bulletins (Thanks to the IfA for providing the past postings). Most employers do not use the same job titles making it hard to categorize jobs. Positions are grouped first by description (if provided), then by ether title or pay to determine what category a job fell into. Some positions appear to be a lumping of multiple positions in which case a best effort was put forth to categories the posting. Please email if you feel a job was miss-categorized..