The Power of Google Maps- Bin Laden’s Compound

Posted on May 2, 2011


It has not yet been 24hrs and already people have identified the location of Bin Laden’s hide out on google maps. I wonder how fast something like this would happen for an important archaeology discovery?

I remember a few years back a geography professor claimed that using geography theory he could find Bin Ladin. Here is the paper and article here. Guess he was wrong, sort of. The house he describes is pretty close to what (except the electricity part) you see now but he was a quite a few miles off, kind of. He though it would be at the border but still the area is within the 95% probability zone he laid out. It just goes to show how close theory can get you but at the same time miss the mark.

Side Note- the reviews of the place are pretty witty- some not so much

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