List of Archaeology Journals: Online Access- Part II

Posted on May 11, 2011


To continue what I have been doing from the first post here are some more English language archaeology journals that provide online access but behind a pay wall- means you’ll have to hand over a pretty big chuck of cash to view. I am not a big fan of paying for journals that I contribute to for free just to enrich some publisher. I would recommend checking out the full list that also has open access listings here.

International Journal of Historical Archaeology
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology
Internet Archaeology
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
Journal of Archaeological Research
Journal of Archaeological Science
Journal of Conflict Archaeology
Journal of Cuneiform Studies
Journal of Field Archaeology
Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology
Journal of Maritime Archaeology
Journal of Material Culture
Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology
Journal of Pacific Archaeology
Journal of Social Archaeology
Journal of the British Archaeology Association
Journal of World Prehistory
Lithic Technology
Medieval Archaeology
Near Eastern Archaeology
North American Archaeologist
Oxford Journal of Archaeology
Papers of the British School at Rome
Post-Medieval Archaeology
Public Archaeology
Scottish Archaeological Journal
Survey Review
Tel Aviv
The Archaeological Journal
The Historic Environment: Policy and Practice
The Journal of Heritage Tourism
Vernacular Architecture
World Archaeology
Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

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