Open Access Archaeology Journals PART II- (now 57 publications)

Posted on May 12, 2011


After putting up so many journals that require a payment to view on my list of archaeology journals, I felt a little sick. Mainly, because of the level of knowledge locked behind a pay wall and a little because of the McD’s I had for lunch. It seems like 90% of all journal articles are not accessible to the public (90% of archaeologists too). So, I redoubled my efforts and have expanded my list of open access archaeology publications. Not all of these publications are peer-reviewed journals but they all include presentations of original research. Some of which, in my opinion, is better than many of the publications in the peer-reviewed but costly commercial publisher journals.  Still, quite a few of these are peer-reviewed academic journals. The full list of all journals, including non-open access, can be found here

PS- there are tons of non-English language open access journals listed around the web but my lack of language skills prevent me from understanding enough of the websites to determine to post them or not. Sorry, but that means this list is for mainly English language publications.

ACOR’s newsletter
Acta Terrae Septemcastrensis
African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter
Almatourism-Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development
Ancient TL
Anthroplogical Science
Archeologia E Calcolatori
Arheološki vestnik
Assemblage- The Sheffield graduate journal of archaeology
Bronze Age Review
Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage
Documenta Praehistorica
Fasti On Line Documents & Research
Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology Annual Journal
Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies
Indian Archaeology – A Review
International Association for Obsidian Studies Bulletin
International Journal of Conservation Science
International Preservation News
Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology
Journal of Archaeology of Northwest Europe
Journal of Caribbean Archaeology
Journal of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Archaeology
Journal of Nordic Archaeological Science
Living Past
Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
Mesolithic Miscellany
Online Journal in Public Archaeology
Papers from the Institute of Archaeology
Queensland Archaeological Research
Rosetta Journal
SAA Archaeological Record
SAS Bulletin
SCA Proceedings
Scottish Archaeology Internet reports
The Arkeotek Journal
The British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan
The European Archaeologists
The Heroic Age
The INA Quarterly
The Journal for Late Antique Religion and Culture
The Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries
The Open Journal of Archaeometry
The Post Hole
The Technical Research Bulletin
The University Museums and Collections Journal
Traces in Time

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