Author Pays: Can it work in Archaeology?

Posted on June 8, 2011


The publisher Pagepress is launching a new open access journal Antiqua. It is open access but it is based off of the concept that the author pays for the open access. Well sort of, there is a deal in which no one has to pay if they submit before the 31st of July, 2011.

I really wonder if this sort of journal can work in archaeology. Most archaeologists really would not be able to afford to pay to publish. Unlike other disciplines, such as the hard sciences, most archaeology research grants give peanuts out as far as money goes. At 500 euro (corrected from an earlier typo) no one is going to spend 1/5 (a lot of small grants are in the 2000-5000 range) of their grant money on the publication.

I guess you could say I am sceptically about this sort of open access journal but there is the chance that it could take off in archaeology, time will tell.

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