Scholarometer and Archaeology

Posted on June 10, 2011


Today, I checked out the website Scholarometer , a website that tracks the citations of individual authors through Google Scholar, and looked at the rankings of archaeologists with the top h-index scores. First, it only listed 123 authors but that is probably because many are listed as anthropologists. Still the UK probably has about 600-800 academic archaeologists and the states at least 2,000. The categorizing aside, here are the top ten archaeologists by h-index: (note I linked to profiles of who I thought these archaeologists were but I could have come across the wrong profile or website)

Renfrew, Colin

Smith, Bruce D.

Howard, A.J.

Binford, Lewis

Blackman, M.J. – works at the Smithsonian

Smith, M.

Piperno, D.R.

Flannery, Kent

Dean, J.S.- does work in Dendrochronology

Feinman, GM

I’ll be honest, some of these archaeologists I had no clue who they were/are. Others, are pretty well known. This just goes to show that citations vary from subject to subject within archaeology and among personality types.