Archaeologists gets FIRED for Blogging

Posted on June 12, 2011


A few months ago, during the blogging carnival leading up to the SAA’s, the question was asked what are the consequences of Blogging? Of all the responses no one really took the fact that blogging could cost someone their job that serious.

Well a few months later and it has happened, Chris Webster of Random Acts of Science was fired for a post he wrote. A pretty informative and great post and that as he points out did not contain information that the company did not post on their own website.

First, it has a happy ending as Chris already has a new job. Second, this reaffirms my belief that the risks of blogging do not out weight the rewards. Whoever fired Chris do so for probably the most bland and most stupid reason ever, re-posting publicly available information that was NOT offensive by any stretch of the imagination. You can not defend against this sort of crazy and so we might as well blog.

It also reminds me of a story I heard back in the day (this is second hand info so how accurate it is ….)- women archaeologists tells other women archaeologists she could not hack it because she was a women. She gets fired for those comments, sues her ex-company, and wins lots of money. If she could win a lawsuit or being a sexist, I am pretty sure Chris should start looking up lawyers, when he is not busy with his new job.

PS All archaeologists should read his advice on getting a job in CRM. The man got fired and hired within a single day during this archaeology job market.