Excavations in Scotland

Posted on July 25, 2011


This is a side post on some of what I have done for the last few months. I was involved in two excavations one at Gifford and the other at Temple in Scotland (that’s for a later post).

The Gifford excavation involved placing a 20m trench across what we thought was going to be two iron age ditches.

Geophysics of gifford

Geophysics with the red indicating our 20m test trench. Dark black is probably a later quarry.

Excavations at GiffordExcavations at Gifford(2)It turns out that the areal photography that showed two crop marks that looked like ditches actually caught a bronze age platform (tentative dates still need to come back). The crop marks were the result of catching the ends of the platform and missing the middle so it looked like to ditches. What we found looks like several phases with the fist one consisting of cut ditches and post holes into the bedrock. Then a later phase were a rock platform was placed over the (pink and purple) bedrock. Pretty cool stuff! It’s hard to see in the photo but to the left is the cut ditch and the post holes are to the right.

Results of Gifford Excavation (ditch, postholes, and stone platform

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