Excavation in Scotland II

Posted on July 26, 2011


The second excavation I recently took part in was at Temple in Scotland. Temple is a bit of a hot spot for a lot of fringe groups because it was the headquarters of the Knights Templar in Scotland (circa 1200’s). There, at one point, was a Templar priory (probably buried under the church that was in use till a hundred + years ago) in the area which is how the town got its name.

We excavated the “castle” and found a beautiful spiral staircase. I put castle in quotes because it is actually a 16th or 15th castle/manor house. It is from the period were a transition was occurring between castles and manors so it contains aspects of both. Most likely it was owned by the Hospitallers who took over the Templar lands after they were disbanded. Though the tower appears to be an addition to the building so the “castle” could be built on top of or is a renovated Templar building.

Excavation team at Temple Scotland, 2011Temple Scotland Excavation 2011

It was a good excavation and the history of the area is pretty interesting with lots of reuse of older buildings for newer ones (see pic of carved head in a newer building).

Temple Scotland head in wall

Temple Scotland head in wall

Temple Scotland head in wall close up

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