Please, I Need Feedback

Posted on August 20, 2011


Hi Readers,

As the title says I need feedback. I started this blog on a whim with a rough idea to look at archaeology, the profession. Since, then is has gone in some unexpected directions, lists of archaeology journals 🙂 . In the next few months, I was going to reorganize the blog into three sections focusing on:

Archaeology jobs, school, career, etc.

Journals- open access, publishing, information, lists, rankings, etc.

Random- stuff that doesn’t fit into the first two.

This to make it easy to follow these particular subjects and find information. All still under the general area of investigating the profession but categorized into what, I feel, are the main sections of this blog. Which is where I need advice. Each could be their own blog and I had thought of breaking off each section into its own separate blog. That way you, my readers who are interested in open access, publishing, etc., would not have to go through my archaeology and random postings showing up on your feeds and in your emails. Vice versa for all of the other categories.

I try to publish 5-6 times a week which can make for a lot of extra fluff if you are only interest in a small subject my blog covers.

So my questions are: Should I make multiple blogs? Do you enjoy the mishmash of subjects I send your way and should I keep it the same? Anything else I can improve other than grammar and spelling (I am trying, it is a work in progress)?

Please comment your feedback is needed. Thank you.

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