Academic Jobs in the UK- If you thought the US job market was flooded

Posted on September 9, 2011


As a companion to my research into academic jobs in North American I took a look at academic jobs for archaeologists in the UK. This involved looking at the staff listings of every archaeology department/department with an archaeology component (see list below).

YES, it was as tedious and boring as it sounds but the results are worth it.

There are 605 academic positions in the UK, of which 439 were teaching/research positions (lecture, senior lecture, reader, professor) and 166 were research only (research associate, researcher, post-docs).

So what does that look like for the job market? Most of the research positions were temporary and post docs which means there are really only about 440 permanent positions. Assuming a 30 year career you are looking at a turnover of about 15 positions each year, that is if there is a steady churn. Of course 110 people received their archaeology PhDs in 2009/2010 (from the Higher Education Statistics Agency) which puts it in a worse condition than in the United States with about 7 new PhD’s vying for every position.

I will be mulling over the data and posting some more break downs of the data I collected over the next couple of days.

Here are the universities examined:

The University of Aberdeen
Bangor University
The University of Birmingham
Bournemouth University
The University of Bradford
University of Bristol
University of Cambridge
Cardiff University
University of Central Lancashire
University of Chester
Durham University
The University of Edinburgh
University of Exeter
University of Glasgow
UHI Millennium Institute
The University of Hull
The University of Kent
Kings College London
University of Wales Trinity Saint David
University of Leicester
Newcastle University
University of Liverpool
University of Manchester
The University of Nottingham
Oxford University
Queen’s University Belfast
The University of Reading
The University of Sheffield
University of Southampton
University College London
University of Winchester
University of Worcester
The University of York