Updates and Great Changes- Embedded RSS feeds in Pages

Posted on September 29, 2011


I have been doing some autumn rearranging of my site. I have now separated my posts into 3 categories so that you can view those posts most relevent to you. The categories are archaeology the profession (for all posts about archaeology the profession, archaeology publishing (for all posts relating to publishing and archaeology), and wildcard (for everything else). Here is the main page to see the different posts by categories. At some point soon I will have different RSS feed for each categories so that people can only subscribe to the posts they want to see.

Another note, and the news I am most excited about, is after three days of trying I have found a way to embed a RSS feed or feed bundle into wordpress.com pages. For those of you without wordpress blogs, wordpress blogs are designed to make it impossible to embed a feed or feed bundle into anything else other than a side bar but I found a way. We will see how long the hack works before wordpress blocks it but till then…

The first thing I have added is a feed bundle of archaeology job postings to the page Archaeology jobs and job conditions (US). Now, anyone visiting here can view the latest job postings from north america.

Dougs Archaeology Job Feed

Dougs Archaeology Job Feed