Archaeology, Universities, Dinosaur Bones?

Posted on October 12, 2011


I don’t expect many people to know that Archaeologists don’t dig dinosaur bones but I do expect most universities to. Here is from the Michigan Tech Anthropology (Update and Correction- it is the admissions department that made this mistake. Michigan Tech Archaeologists were not given this statement to review by their marketing. Apologies to Michigan Techs Archaeologists and Anthropology department but bad for their admissions. Thanks to Terry for catching that)-

Whether you’ve dreamed of digging up dinosaur bones or always wanted to document a culture on camera, the anthropology program at Michigan Tech is a great place to start. Our anthropology majors have a distinct advantage—we’re all about hands-on research here. You can go from the classroom to a field site in just a few minutes. With all of the opportunities to learn from leaders in the field, you’d be crazy not to consider it.

(Update) They have removed the statement and you can see the new version here-

A great improvement.

Even though it was not the departments fault, I wonder how many people looked into the program because they did think it was about dinosaurs. For that matter, I wonder how many departments around the world have gotten inquiries or even students because they, the prospective students, thought it was about dinosaurs.

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