How Much Do Archaeologists Make- Project Manager/Director

Posted on October 15, 2011


Ever wonder how much an archaeologists makes? Well it all depends on the job, archaeologists can hold a variety of positions. In the United States most archaeologists work in the private sector known as Cultural Resource Management. Positions range from entry level field/lab technician positions to lab directors or GIS specialists. I have already posted how much Field Techs and Crew Chiefs (a senior field tech positions) make and this post is about project managers/project directors/junior archaeologists/project supervisor (there are about a dozen different names for this position but it is really middle management. Someone who is in charge of excavations or the lab on projects but is not the very top person like the company owner or senior management). Here is a breakdown in advertised pay ($ per hr.) in the US from 1999-2010. You will see that recessions tend to hurt the pay rates.

Project Manager Pay- US

Project Manager Pay- US

$18.98 roughly equals $39,500 a year inĀ  pay. So most middle management will be looking at starting around $37,000-39,000 and could go as high $67,000 but $44,000-52,000 is more likely. If you want to know what it takes to get a job like this see here.

The data is from job postings on the website shovelbums. The data presents the average starting pay and highest pay offered, along with the average mid-point between the two. Also, the lowest pay and the highest pay mention for each year is included.