Open Access Journal for CRM

Posted on October 24, 2011


Open Access Week is here. To celebrate I would like to highlight a open access journal- CRM: The Journal of Heritage Stewardship. It is peer reviewed too.From the website about the journal

A scholarly, authoritative resource published by the National Park Service to expand the intellectual foundation of cultural resource management.

Thoughtful, peer-reviewed articles address history, developments, trends, and emerging issues in cultural resource management in the United States and abroad.

Leading professionals in history, architecture, curation, ethnography, archeology, cultural landscapes, folklore, and related fields share their research, findings, and perspectives to deepen our understanding of heritage stewardship.

Active dialogue is encouraged among practitioners, academics, and the broader heritage community to stimulate innovation and creativity in disciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches to issues.

Interviews, reviews, and letters to the editor report on changing methodologies, explore the public presentation of cultural resources, and provide a forum for commentary.

Respected leaders on the Editorial Board recommend topics, authors, and peer reviewers to ensure currency and value.

The website is . You can also get a hard copy delivered to you.

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