More Publishers Going Open Access for Open Access Week- 23 journals so far

Posted on October 26, 2011


Update- I created a search engine to search all open access archaeology journals for both open access week and normal.

Maney is opening up 22 archaeology journals to free access during open access week. This is a good sign and goes well with the Internet Archaeology’s decision to go open access as well for open access week. If you want more open access archaeology journals there is a list of 259 here.

Another bonus is that Maney is dropping the price of the author pays option for open access to £300/$480. Now, I am a huge fan of open access were the author does not pay BUT these are some of the lowest prices out there. They are really not that bad either and you only pay if you get published. I can’t think of a single grad student who could afford this but it is in the range of most projects’ budgets.

(I am not, nor have I ever been affiliated with Maney. I know what I wrote sounds a bit like an advertisement but what Maney is doing is pretty big. Who else makes all their archaeology journals open access for a week, even for a day?)

They ask for some feedback about open access so if you have got a minute please take the survey and encourage them to go open access.

Here is the announcement –

****Maney Publishing makes all 22 archaeology journals free online for Open Access Week****

Maney will be offering open access to all Archaeology & Heritage content from 24 October until 4 November.

During this period we will be offering free, immediate, online access to all the articles. They are free for you to use as and when you need via ingentaconnect – you do not need to sign up or provide any personal information.

For a full list of our archaeology and heritage journals and to access them all free online please visit:

We are interested in finding out your opinion on a variety of aspects of Open Access publishing; if you would like to share your opinion, please complete our survey at

Our article processing charges during Open Access Week will be reduced for Archaeology and Heritage titles to £300/$480 for three months to encourage more Maney authors to consider whether Open Access publishing is an appealing option for them.

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