How Many Archaeologists Work in the Federal Government?

Posted on November 8, 2011


Update- I have looked at the exact numbers up to 2013 in this post (Click Link).

How many archaeologists work for the federal government in the US? One publications so far has looked at these numbers:

Childs, S. Terry  2009
Commentary. In The SAA Archaeological Record (January 2009) Volume 9 (1), 37-39.

You can access it here . (thank you Chris Dore for the reference). The numbers are a bit old but in September 2007

“… 974 permanent archeologists (GS-193 series) were employed
by Federal agencies. The largest numbers of archaeologists
worked for the Department of the Interior (400), Department
of Agriculture (374), and Department of Defense (175). ”

Not bad, 1ooo archaeologists, but I wonder how many their are now? I will investigate and post more later.