Help Build A Resource for Applied Archaeology and Cultural Resource Managment

Posted on November 15, 2011


I have been meaning to publish this for a few days now but as always stuff happens. I got a post from Dr. John R. Welch ,  at SFU, he and several other people are putting together a guide to research materials for applied archaeology and cultural resource management. The website is:      

If anyone would like to contribute please do so. The message I got was-

“Some of your readers may be interested in or even willing to contribute ideas or information sources to the web page Erica Kowsz, Lindsay Tripp, and I have launched on the Simon Fraser U library site.” (bold my own emphases)

Some of it is based on the resources available at SFU but it still includes lots of outside resources. I personally can not think of any websites that are dedicated to CRM research materials.   Not saying there are not any, just that I do not personally know of any. This I think is a real shame as most archaeologists are involved in CRM. It would be great to see this webpage take  off and be mirrored at other universities.