Studying Archaeology in Europe

Posted on November 20, 2011


The website “Studying Archaeology in Europe” went live a few days ago.

It is part of a larger project, of the same name, that-

… will improve the information and personal support available to students in order to enhance future international exchanges and experience, and potential future employment opportunities through the European Union. For students interested in studying archaeology in countries other than their own, there is no single source of information to support their decision-making process.

This project will work through a partnership of 15 organisations from 12 European nations. This partnership recognises that cooperation within a single transnational project, will benefit a larger group of potential students, many of whom are not well-informed about transnational opportunities.

The project will achieve its aims by gathering and sharing information on:

  • the organisation and content of archaeological studies in the partner countries
  • the mobility opportunities for students to work or study in other countries,
  • the identification of opportunities for voluntary work
  • the provision of information, advice and guidance on how best to find employment after studying.

This information will be made public through a dedicated website. A central feature of this website will be that its information can be enhanced and expanded by the project partners in the future and by future participants from other countries at a later date.

To enhance the nature of support available to exchange students, the project will also create a peer-support network for students. It will achieve this through the creation of a student-led and internet-based, social networking site through which contacts and advice can be sought and maintained. This resource will be owned by the student partner organisations.

The initial ideas for this project were developed by Austrian, British German, and Slovene postgraduate students. The benefits will be shared between partner organisations (and linked universities) in a total of twelve countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany, Macedonia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland). Participation by student organisations from other countries will be actively encouraged, during the course of the project.

It is just starting but I hope it takes off the ground and people use it. It would be good to encourage more international travel and collaboration among archaeologists. I think it is a great thing that it was students who first put this idea out there. However, thinking about it, students would be the only ones to do something like this as most faculty are occupied other places, research, publishing, etc.

My only problem with this is that it is for Europe and not the whole world. Baby steps maybe someone will roll this out for the whole world one day.

Note- I am employed by Landward Ltd., one of partners in the project, but I am not currently, nor will, work on this project. I did not even know the website went live until I went to the Landward website for other reasons.