Details on 22 Open Access Archaeology Publications

Posted on November 21, 2011


A few weeks ago I started a new blog open access archaeology-

So far it has worked out pretty well, only minimal time and barely takes away from this blog. Here is quick recap of 22 open access publications that I have posted so far with links and brief overviews. You can find full details at openaccessarchaeology blog.

Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica – Natural Sciences in Archaeology: The journal’s interests include bioarcheaology (archaeobotany, archaeozoology, archaeogenetics and anthropology), geoarchaeology (petro-archeology, micromorphology) and dating methods in archaeology.

American Journal of Archaeology- Book Reviews Open

Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey: pretty evident what it is about .

American Center of Oriental Research: Research by the center.

Acta Terrae Septemcastrensi: A yearly journal centred on the Transylvania heritage (from Neolithic, Bronze Age, Classical and Medieval archaeology) & NEW

ADORANTEN: An international magazine mainly concerned with rock carvings – recent research, interpretations, the history of religion, descriptions of rock carving localities around the world and literary reviews – but it also containes articles on any prehistoric subject which can be related to the field of rock carvings.

African Diaspora Archaeology: addresses the subject areas of African diasporas worldwide and related archaeological and historical studies.

ALMATOURISM: Open Access Peer Reviewed Journal that publishes articles about heritage and tourism.

Analecta Praehistorica Leidensi: annual journal put out by the Faculty of Archaeology (formerly the Institute of Prehistory), Leiden University. And the actuall issues are here at this website – 

Ancient Asia: Ancient Asia is the official annual journal of the Society of South Asian Archaeology (SOSAA). The scope of the Ancient Asia is vast – from the Stone Age to modem times, including archaeology, history, anthropology, art, architecture, numismatics, iconography, ethnography and also various scientific aspects including archaeobotany and archaeozoology, including theoretical and methodological issues.

Ancient Nepal: A journal devoted to pre-history and field archaeology in the Himalayas.

Ancient TL: Ancient TL is a journal devoted to Luminescence Dating, Electron Spin Resonance Dating and related techniques.

Anistoriton:It publishes essays, news, viewpoints, primary sources and field work reports on any topic related to History, Archaeology and ArtHistory of any era and any part of the world provided it is of interest to the general educated public, students, scholars.

Anmed: the preliminary annual reports of excavations, surveys, restoration-conservation projects and other archaeological works by scientific missions undertaken in the region identified as Anatolia’s Mediterranean Areas, that is encompassing ancient Lycia, Pamphylia, Cilicia and Pisidia, constitute the scope of ANMED.

Annales Instituti Archaeologic: The journal publishes results of the archaeological excavations and field surveys carried by Institute of Archaeology

Anthropological Science:As the title suggests it covers to the topic of anthropological sciences. What does anthropological sciences cover, you might be asking? Well, pretty much anything and everything anthropology related.

Anthropozoologic: aims to promote the exchange of results and ideas among scientists working on the relationship between man and animal, from its origins to the present. It aims to promote the study of this relationship as an expression of strong history of cultures and societies in their natural environment.

Antiqua: …application of scientific techniques and methodologies to all areas of archaeology.

Archaeo+malacology Group Newsletter: The study of molluscs in archaeological context.

Archaeologia Lituan: Lithuania’s Baltic and archeology.

Archaeologia Polon: Archaeologia Polona is a Polish archaeological journal edited and published in the English language annually by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Archaeologica Adriatic: …is a journal of exclusively archaeological character involved in explicating various archaeological themes and questions related to the Adriatic Sea region and the area bordering it.

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