Ancient Wonders Captured in 3D

Posted on November 27, 2011


Very good video-

Ben Kacyra brings up some great points about preservation and the loss of heritage sites. I have to say, the bundling of the data into apps and programs so people can access it is great. Too often the actual data is not decimated to the public so they can use it. It will be interesting to see if people beyond academics begin to play with this data and use it for other purposes. Heck, I could see some movie studies using the info for backdrops in movies. Not the intended use but one that would encourage a more diverse range of people to get involved in heritage.

He does not give specific costs for here digital scans but he does say they are scalable. I hope that he is paying attention to the work done with the Kinect which I believe would really lower the costs greatly (under $100). It would be great if this could turn into a sort of geocahing like project. That is people go record building, heritage sites, and even nature trails with a Kinect as a sort of game or task. That would be pretty cool and help accomplish the task a lot quicker.

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