The End of the World in 2012

Posted on December 3, 2011


Just saw this advertisement on a website I was on.

I figured at some point someone would try to cash in on the whole Mayan end of the world crap. I was told a couple of years back (circa 2006-7) that all of the hotels in the Yucatan were already booked up for the “end of the world” 2012 event. Not sure how true that is but I did just do a quick search for hotels in the Yucatan  for those dates and all I got was “No rooms available on Expedia for the selected dates”(rooms were available a few days earlier) so maybe it is true. I am sure the event will be a boost for Mexico’s economy, which it can use, but how many people actually believe the world is going to end?

Archaeologists have flat out said that the codex does not say it is the end of the world, it is a change in unit of measurement of time e.g. 1999-2000 was the turn of the millennium. It just happens that this measurement is roughly 5000 years long (5,125 to be exact) so you are not likely to see the next one come around. The Mayan did not think it was the end of the world so how did this all get started? Is has to be relatively recent since we have only been decoding Mayan Glyphs for a few decades now. Wikipedia points to Micahel Coe making reference to it in the 1960’s and since then it appears to have taken off. How true that is I don’t know.

I really should find people who believe the world is going to end and see if they would give me their house or money. They don’t need any of that stuff if the world ends, right? If you do believe in the end of the world occurring in Dec. 2012 please contact me about the deposing of your worldly possessions, I could use them.

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