How close are archaeologists with their predictions?

Posted on January 7, 2012


There is a great book called Motel of Mysteries in which, in “the future”, archaeologists discover a “motel” and then make all sorts of interpretations. It gets pretty funny with some of the interpretations of what stuff was used for. If I remember correctly at one point they say a toilet seat is a hat.

Motel of the Mysteries

Motel of the Mysteries

Of course this makes you wonder how accurate are archaeologists with their predictions. To make things even harder sometimes things don’t make sense and their is not logical use for many things. Case study- I point you towards the Swing Wing- watch the whole video it is pretty funny.

Now imagine you found this in a dig? Would you ever guess that this “artifact” would be used as a toy? Would you guess it was a toy after you did some experimental archaeology and recreated one and tried it out?

Probably 99.999% of people would dismiss it as not a toy after watching someone walk around like they had a serious brain injury. Sometimes things don’t make sense in archaeology and they maybe never will. Something to ponder over this weekend.

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