How Much an Archaeology Crew Chief Makes, 2011

Posted on January 9, 2012


In this post I take a look at the pay for the position of crew chief/senior technician. The methodology is the same as before. This position is a weird one in that not every company has this type of position and it also tends to be a position seen in some areas of the country more than others. It usually between a technician and project director/field director/project manager if it does exist. This also means the sample is smaller than most other positions. The results were in dollars per hr.-

Pay- Archaeology Crew Chief

Pay- Archaeology Crew Chief

As with Technicians, after a fall in starting wages last year they are back up again this year. This is a very good sign for archaeologists. Of interest in the separation between average low pay and highest pay offered. Low pay is still well above that of a technician but I wonder if this is part of a wider trend in pay separation within archaeology. That is those at the top are starting to make significant more than those at the bottom.  I will keep this in mind as I look at other positions.