13 Commercial Archaeology and CRM Blogs to Follow

Posted on January 19, 2012


Here are some great blogs that discuss working in commercial archaeology/CRM. This topic can be tricky and some of these blogs do not actually cover just Commercial/CRM archaeology but they do give good insights into the life/conditions. This list of blogs and others can be found at my archaeology blog list.

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10 simple steps to better archaeological managementhttp://10simplesteps.blogspot.com/

Martin Locock’s blog is a must read if you are interest in being successful in archaeology or life.


Archaeology employment inEurope& some more. Paolo’s blog is a great resource and posts lots of great information pertain to archaeology in all sectors.

The Charles Mount Blog http://charles-mount.ie/wp/

“Dr. Charles Mount has more than twenty years experience of archaeology and cultural heritage assessment. ” He blogs about many different things including commercial archaeology and heritage issues inIreland.


“An Archaeology and CRM Blog from Curtin Archaeological Consulting, Inc.” Ed Curtin’s blog talks about archaeology in general but many posts do discuss issues related to professional archaeology.


This is the blog for the Rubicon Heritage Company inIreland. They blog a lot about the projects they are working on- great stuff, they recently excavated a castle.

Out of Ice and Timehttp://iceandtime.wordpress.com/

“Arctic archaeology as seen from Barrow,Alaska” Ann Jensen’s blog is an amazing looking into arctic archaeology.

Random Acts of Sciencehttp://randomactsofscience.squarespace.com/

“Archaeology, Science, and Skepticism” great blog that spends many posts on how to survive as an archaeolgoists and proactical advice such as how to write a CV/resume for CRM archaeology.

 Tales of the Trowlhttp://talesofthetrowel.wordpress.com/

Brand new blog- “This blog was the brainchild of a couple people in our office who think that social media and blogging is the way of the present, especially for public outreach and involvement. Archaeology isn’t just for the scientists, we do this work through public funds- therefore theoretically this work is done for the public right? How about we get the public excited about it?!”

The Circle Bloghttp://circlecrm.wordpress.com/

“Circle CRM Group is an archaeology and heritage consulting company based inCalgary,Alberta, though we can survey and dig for you anywhere in the world.  We like to think that we are the greatest archaeologists out there, but there are many that have come before us.  We do think, however, that we can provide the best customer service in our industry.  It’s a bold claim, but if we try to live up to it, then that means we’re doing our best.

Subscribe!  Come learn all about us and what we do.  We don’t dig dinosaurs and we don’t run away from rolling boulders (well, ok, we probably would).  We do not carry whips or guns, but some of us do wear hats that make us look like someone famous.  Generally, our job is fun and because of that, we work hard at being good at it.”

The CRM Field Tech Newsletterhttp://crmnews.org/

“For cultural resources field techs, by cultural resources field techs, about ARCHAEOLOGY!” the tagline says it best

“Have you had lots of archaeology adventures you would like to share with the world?Do you take amazing archaeological photographs and want the whole world to see them?Do you have advice that you want to share with your fellow archaeology field techs?Are you a shovel bum?

The CRM Field Tech Newsletter wants to hear your story, see your pictures, and learn from your experiences.

Just e-mail archaeofieldtech@gmail.com to become a Contributor to the Newsletter.

The CRM Field Tech Newsletter aims to be a website devoted to CRM field techs. The newsletter will consist of interesting articles, random facts and news, information about events and anything else you or I can think of.”

Tom King’s CRM Plus– –http://crmplus.blogspot.com/

“Ruminations on “cultural resource management,” environmental impact assessment, and related esoteric topics, by a curmudgeon who seldom has anything good to say about anything — and occasional updates on the archaeological search for Amelia Earhart.” Around since 2004 this is the go to resource on CRM issues in US archaeology.

PaleoWage–  http://paleowage.blogspot.com/

A highly sarcastic blog about working in CRM. Great posts on the costs and pricing of CRM archaeology.

Where the Hell Am Ihttp://whereinthehellami.wordpress.com/

“I tell stories and share photos of CRM archaeological fieldwork, primarily inTexas, in order to increase the public understanding of what field archaeologists really do.” Where the Hell Am I is a great blog to find out what life is like as an archaeologists in the commercial world.

Doug’s Archaeologyhttps://dougsarchaeology.wordpress.com/

Last but not least is this blog. I post lots of information on work conditions and pay conditions in archaeology.