The Other Side of the Antiquities Trade

Posted on January 22, 2012


As pointed out by several people my list of 17 great archaeology blogs on the antiquities trade and looting was a bit one-sided. Well after looking around I have not found any pro-collecting blogs (I guess blogging is not something they do) but there are several forums and websites you could check out to get the other view point.

Mind you, these sites tend to be be amateur/ lower end collectors and you won’t see much about high end dealers. IT NEEDS TO BE STRESSED- not all collectors collect for the same reasons or in the same way. I have been to some of these forums and some people advocate collecting anywhere and everywhere even if it breaks the law (in their eyes they are saving the artifacts) while others are strictly by the book, only where it is legal, collect their own stuff and never buy, only collect with permission, etc. There is no typical collector and going in with guns blazing on these forums will just alienate people and make lots of people angry so don’t do it. A good conversation can be had in some of these forums and while you may disagree people stay respectful, if you do as well.

Here is list provided by a collector (aimed at American artifacts mainly)-– (I lurk here on occasion- people are nice and respectful and will have a conversation with you) (indian artifacts forum)

Here is some commentary provided with it- “some have slight agendas regarding sales or certain books. some are cliquier... Son's site specializes in SE material. PROS a lot of TX. Artifactsguide also SE but that's one of the cliquier ones, ..... Arrowheadology is kinda busy.....but real good. is getting bigger and is from all over, kinda pushes Overstreet's book.... arrowheads1 should be getting bigger it's a great site, needs more promotion. The AACA site is slow but heavy hitters and lots of members on there.

Here is another list provided as well-

“I don’t know of any pro collecting blogs and suspect there aren’t any. As far as I can tell most collectors aren’t very proactive in terms of advocating for their cause and are not well organized. Arrowheadology is probably the closest thing to a blog where pro collecting viewpoints are expressed from time to time. There are a few op-eds lurking in various corners of the web that effectively express collector viewpoints.

Here are a few links…

The Loyola Professor, by Jeb Taylor. See page 25.

The ATADA newsletter archive.

Resource Archive of the Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association, Inc. (ATADA)

The Mother of Indiana Jones, by Forrest Fenn.

Friends of America’s Past: Forum: The Mother of Indiana Jones

An archaeology blog with a current debate (or hit job depending on your perspective) with views expressed by both sides.

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