Informative Archaeology Blogs

Posted on January 24, 2012


Here is a list of archaeology blogs that put out informative posts, similar to news articles, on different archaeology subjects. Not quite news blogs but they still put out some great information just not as frequent. (this is not to say that other blogs are not informative- just these concentrate on article like posts)

If you want to follow these blogs here is an RSS feed that has all of them. (google bundle)

If you want more archaeology blogs click there for a full list.

Sexy archaeology

“Sexy archaeology (sek-see ahr-kee-ol-uh-jee) – noun

1. Any archaeology which is excitingly appealing.

2. Archaeology which surpasses the norm, whether through historical value, groundbreaking innovation or scientific process [Scientists discovered a new species of hominid? Now that is sexy archaeology!]”

Kurt’s blog is a great blog that I really recommend reading.

About Archaeology Blog

K. Kris Hirst‘s blog might be the oldest archaeology blog around. She started posting on the internet before there was even the term blog. That means here site is packed full and interesting and great information about archaeology.

Ancient Digger

“Anyone can appreciate and learn about history and archaeology when it’s taught in a way that appeals to all generations. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, academic, archaeologist or anthropologist, historian, professor, or student, Ancient Digger is striving to teach all of you about world heritage.”

ArchaeologyOnline: Archaeological Information on the Web-

“Archaeology Online features archaeological web sites, an archaeology search engine, excavations, field schools, books, reviews, and where to find archaeology on the Web.”

From The Stormy Sky-

A blog from Stanley Guenter, many of the posts cover not well published reports and information on archaeology.