How Much Full Archaeology Professors Make – Breakdown of numbers

Posted on February 21, 2012


To go with the post on the average pay of a professor of archaeology in the United States here is a break down of full professors pay to give you an idea of range in pay:

Distribution of Archaeology Prof. Pay

This is the distribution by professor and not by department. Some departments have 10 faculty while others have 1. This gives better over all view of pay distribution for full archaeology professors across the whole discipline. From the figure you can see that there is a clustering near the average of 105k but there is also a huge range in pay from 54k to 175k . It should be stressed that these are averages from universities converted to average archaeology wages so the actual pay may differ slightly (see methodology here). I still find it hard to believe that an archaeologists could make that much but the average pay at Harvard (where the 175k comes from) is 194k  so it is plausible. Also, this does not take into account pay adjusted for cost of living, $100,000 Albuquerque New Mexico does not buy you the same sort of house in Los Angles, California.

As said before about 20 professors were not included in this data which mainly come from smaller colleges with probably lower pay so the distribution is a little high.