Heritage Sector gets its own Crowd-Sourcing Funding Website: CommonSites

Posted on March 1, 2012


Thanks to Erik for pointing this out. While I just posted a little while ago about DigVentures move into crowd-sourcing it appears they are bigger developments in the area. A new website called CommonSites was launched on Feb. 20th to be a website dedicated to helping heritage projects raise funds.


So far there are two projects on CommonSites

Archaeological Park in Nicaragua- It hopes to raise 10,500 euros and is 24% there

Heritage Teachers Handbook in Palestine – It hopes to raise 32,500 Euros and is 61% there.

Both look like worth projects and I wonder how long it is before more people try to raise money this way.

This website seems to go further then most funding sites and also offers contacts for other sorts of help like advice. It helps that they are a non-profit and their goal is to help the heritage sector. It will be interesting to see how this developes

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