A Year Later- A quick review

Posted on March 22, 2012


It had been roughly be a year since I first started this blog (19th of march 2011) and it has been a interesting year here. I have had roughly 67,000 page views though how many actual visitors this represents or unique visitors is unknown (wordpress stats are so so). In that time I have had 514 comments on 263 posts, though only 289 are actually comments instead of pings. Top sources of visitors:

Referrer Views
Facebook 8,717
Search Engines 6,962
Reddit 6,042
StumbleUpon 2,862
archaeologyfieldwork.com 2,305
bajrfed.co.uk 1,315
Twitter 693
mail.live.com 440
arrowheadology.com 361
openaccessarchaeology.org 358

Top 20 posts/pages

Title Views
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Home page More stats 6,290
Open Access Archaeology Journals More stats 5,327
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Binford 1931-2011 More stats 1,969
Legend More stats 1,901
Archaeology Jobs and Job Conditions (UK) More stats 1,573
More Publishers Going Open Access for Open Access Week- 23 journals so far More stats 1,493
New Website With Every (almost, 700+) Archaeology Programs in the World More stats 1,055
How Long Does it Take to Get a Anthroplogy or Archaeology PhD in the US More stats 1,038
17 Great Archaeology Blogs on the Antiquities Trade and Looting That YOU Should Read. More stats 958
Dinosours and Archaeologists More stats 936
2012 and Archaeology- Also why the Apocalypse is like your children More stats 884
13 Commercial Archaeology and CRM Blogs to Follow More stats 868
About More stats 857
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How Much Archaeologists Make- Senior Archaeologists and Up More stats 683
Reinveting the Archaeology CV/Resume More stats 670
Assistant Professors in Archaeology- some information on jobs. More stats 632
Lost Edinburgh, Facebook, and Copyright More stats 604

For a blog that started out with very little direction or purpose it sure has had some changes. I have focused heavily on working conditions. I have also been very involved in publishing issues as well. Of course lots of random posts as well and a recent focus on other archaeology blogs.

Hope the next year is as interesting.

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