The Thursday Throwdown of Archaeology Blogs to Read

Posted on April 12, 2012


Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it- Take a look at these five great archaeology blogs. These blogs will be joining my list of great archaeology blogs that I follow and think other people might find fascinating as well.

After you take a look leave a comment letting me know which ones you found interesting, great, that you liked, etc. AND nominate a blog not already on the list, that is relatively related to archaeology, for next weeks highlight. There are lots of great blogs out there and it would be great to be able to highlight the good work people are doing.

Adventures in archaeology, human palaeoecology and the internet-

Matthew Laws blog that mainly covers Archeozoological topics and web-based archaeology. If you are interested in shells and palaeoecology he is the person to see.

AlunSalt Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things-

Alun focuses on a wide range of topics. He is mainly interested in archaeoastronomy but that has not stopped him from blogging about such things as ‘What’s the Difference between Archaeologists and Graverobbers’.



archaeology – working on ruin

photography – arresting contingent moments
archaeography – representing the archaeological
Need I say more?

Pagans for Archaeology-

“We’re Pagans who love archaeology and believe that it has contributed hugely to our knowledge of our ancestors and the religions of the past.

Without archaeology, people would still think ancient peoples were fur-clad smelly cannibals and that ancient paganism involved frequent human sacrifice.

In addition, we are opposed to the reburial of ancient human remains, and want them to be preserved so that the memory of the ancestors can be perpetuated and rescued from oblivion, and the remains can be studied scientifically for the benefit of everyone….” Read more at their blog.