New Publication- Breaking New Ground: how archaeology works

Posted on April 18, 2012


full disclosure- Kenneth Aitchison is a friend and will be employing me for the profiling the profession project that we will be undertaking soon.

That aside I would recommend his new book “Breaking New Ground: how archaeology works“.

This book, available on Kindle, is a contemporary history of the last twenty years of professional archaeological practice in the United Kingdom, charting the progression of archaeology since the publication of PPG 16 and then the effects of the economic downturn since 2008. It also sets out a history of paid archaeology, from Pitt-Rivers’ appointment as the first Inspector of Ancient Monuments in 1882 through to the rescue ‘revolution’ of the 1970s and beyond.

It is available for purchase here for £2.87.

£2.87 you ask. Well Amazon takes 30% on top of a fee for downloads. At £2.87 if one hundred copies are sold then it will pay for the ISBN number for the book.

You are not going to find any book cheaper on archaeology in the UK so go ahead and buy a copy and learn about archaeology in the UK.


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