Thursday Throwdown of Archaeology Blogs to Look At VI

Posted on May 17, 2012


Your weekly look at archaeologists or archaeology related blogs to follow. You can see last weeks here and a full list of great archaeology blogs here.

After you take a look leave a comment letting me know which ones you found interesting, great, that you liked, etc. AND nominate a blog not already on the list, that is relatively related to archaeology, for next weeks highlight. There are lots of great blogs out there and it would be great to be able to highlight the good work people are doing.

The first one on the list comes from Mark Sandars who suggest we take a look at the CPAA blog.

Colorado Plateau Archaeological Alliance-

I have been subscribed for a week now and have been really enjoying what they post. Lots of very interesting information on a variety of topics. For example a discussion about what would have happened if we break up boundaries by watersheds, see map-

Since, Mark pointed me in the direction of the CPAA I will point you in the direction of Mark’s blog:

 Cultural Property Watch: archaeology, site preservation and the law-

Mark’s blog covers a wide range of issues from Mayan sites in Georgia (lack there of actually) to historical preservation in Canada.

Because Whitney was very cool about me showing off here new CV I would like to point you all to her two blogs:

Maritime Culture-

Archaeology, Conservation and Curation-

Also there is:

“This blog focusses on Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) in the context of my current research project: ‘A Comparative Study of Scribal and Artistic Spaces in Early Egypt and the Ancient Near East: Integrating micro- and macro-scale analyses’.” Some really interesting stuff going on at this blog.

and finally:


“Landscapism is inspired by a long-standing and widening interest in all things landscape related, combined with surprise and frustration at the lack of inter-connectedness between different disciplines and areas of interest. The aim of this blog is to provide a forum to discuss and promote landscape themes that clearly should be brought together; to help to break down the ‘silo’s’ that currently seem to exist. A web site expanding on this theme,, will follow shortly.”

A very good interdisciplinary blog that i recommend archaeologists interested in landscapes look at.

That ends this weeks blog round up BUT I am running into a bit of a problem. I have been posting about 5 blogs a week- this one had 6. My original thought was at 5 a week I can blow through most archaeology blogs in a matter of months. A month later and I have a longer list of archaeology/archaeology-related blogs, that I need to post on, then when I started out.  I like the idea of only posting a few so people look at them. So here is a question to you the reader- How many is a good number to post on a week? 5? 10?.

Also, as always please point me in the direction of some good blogs. thanks!