Barriers to Participation in Archaeology Online Workshop: Adopt-a-Monument – Digital Barriers to Our Grand Plans

Posted on May 24, 2012


On Tuesday, I attended the Barriers to Participation in Archaeology Online Workshop at UCL. I brought a video camera with me and got the slides from the speaks so that people who did not attend can have a chance to see a truly great workshop. I am still in the process of producing the videos but here is the first one from Cara Jones:

Edit: videos done- All of the presentations can be seen here or you can look at the whole event here-

Cara Jones
Archaeology Scotland

Adopt-a-Monument is a five year scheme which encourages communities to take a lead role in conserving and promoting their local heritage. We help with a variety of tasks and activities, which includes project planning and fundraising, site survey and recording, as well as guidance on interpretation and dissemination of results. As part of the new phase of Adopt-a-Monument (2011-2016), we have been keen to promote the use of new digital technologies, such as on site digital interpretation and utilisation of existing online resources. While we are still just getting started, we have already identified key digital barriers when working with our groups, issues which range from connectivity to actual access to computers. This paper aims to discuss those barriers, to present our early attempts to overcome them and to spark discussion on this issue.

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