Barriers to Participation in Archaeology Online Workshop: The Risky Business of Organisational Social Media

Posted on May 25, 2012


Second video of the Barriers to Participation in Archaeology Online Workshop at UCL. Also, there is a storify now of the event as well and all of the presentations can be seen here.

Hugh Corley
English Heritage
The Risky Business of Organisational Social Media
Organisations like English Heritage struggle to get to grips with social media, while the value is apparent so too are the risks. We have always taken our message to our audiences, speaking at conferences and to archaeology societies, however, our online audience dwarfs this traditional outreach. In this time of austerity it can feel like a single negative tabloid article can doom the entire organisation. With this risk in mind, how do we use social media and how can we use the audiences we have amassed to our greatest benefit? How serious can we take our online audience, is ‘liking’ a YouTube video the same as taking the time out of your evening to go see a talk in the town hall? Is this really engagement or are we just fooling ourselves? How do we make the most of our audience to raise awareness of archaeology and motivate them to help us protect and preserve our heritage?

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