Thursday Throwdown of Archaeology Blogs to Look At VIII

Posted on May 31, 2012


As usual, your weekly look at archaeologists or archaeology related blogs to follow. You can see last weeks here and a full list of great archaeology blogs here.

After you take a look leave a comment letting me know which ones you found interesting, great, that you liked, etc. AND nominate a blog not already on the list, that is relatively related to archaeology, for next weeks highlight. There are lots of great blogs out there and it would be great to be able to highlight the good work people are doing.

This weeks blogs are-

First on the list is a Archaeology Tech Blog.


“…intention with this is to create a space to talk about information management particularly in relation to the cultural heritage sector. There won’t be regular cycle of updates just as and when there is something I’d to discuss.” Its Martin’s brand new blog and it looks to be a great blog to follow.

Ancient Coins & Cultural Heritage  –

For those who want a different perspective on heritage and the matter of looting.

Mediterranean Palimpsest-

The history, archaeology, and culture of Greece. And other things.

Musings of an Unemployed Archaeologist-

A personal blog- “I’m an (unemployed) archaeologist and I focus my attentions on Prehistory. I have both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, some field and post excavation experience. I love the Iron Age and I’m not too fond of Romans, unless they are safe and sound in Rome. I’m 24 and looking for my first archaeological break, be it in the field or behind the scenes!”


Musings on architecture and archaeology by Kostis Kourelis

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Asylums in Archaeology-

Very new blog about the archaeology of Asylums. Looks to be very interesting.

Sarah Coxon-

Creativity in the European Bronze Age