Archaeology/Archaeology Related Blogs to Read XII

Posted on July 20, 2012


Sorry, for missing last weeks list but here is this weeks list of blogs to read (something to do over the weekend). As always the full list of blogs is here and let me know of any I have missed.
First, up:

After Indiana-

We live in a world obsessed with the glamour and excitement of adventure movies like Indiana Jones and the Da Vinci Code. But how accurate are these? And does the inaccurate portrayal of archaeology and artwork in popular culture impact its value, security, and significance?

My name is Beatrice Kelly and I’m a second-year history of art student at University College London, and with this blog I hope to explore some of the issues surrounding cultural heritage and its relationship with diplomacy and crime. This includes stolen artwork, smuggled archaeological objects, auction houses, Interpol, and even Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (no matter what you thought of the movie itself).

The modern world is post-imperial, and our understanding of cultural heritage needs to reflect that. I hope you enjoy reading this blog.

A pretty new blog- The Egyptiana Emporium-

This blog presents a selection from Egyptological news, museum pieces, original research, and much more.

I am a historical archaeologist who studies consumer culture in the last half-millennium.  This includes research on the intersection of material consumption and the color line; race and urban renewal; the emergence of consumer society in northern Europe; Victorian decorative material culture; and the relationship between popular culture and materiality in the contemporary world.

My favorite part about this author is that he says he is

… Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI); President of the Society for Historical Archaeology (2012-2013); Docent in Historical Archaeology at the University of Oulu (Finland); and a Fulbright Scholar in Fall 2012 at the University of Oulu.  ….  I’m also a professional cycling geek; a Doctor Who nerd; and I wear a lot of paisley.

Really glad to see someone as high as a department chair and president of the SHA is blogging and has a sense of humor about it.

Woodrow Ruin Excavation-

The primary purpose of this blog is to document new research at Woodrow Ruin on the Upper Gila of New Mexico. Woodrow Ruin is a large (at least 6.25 acres), multicomponent (at least AD 550-1130) site that is well preserved, and has experienced little scientific investigation.

For something unique- The Secret Archaeologist-

Faye Sharpe is an advisor, coach and writer. Working, playing, living and loving are important. So are having fun, laughing and beholding beauty.

Her search for creativity, in all its subversive glory, is a life-long pursuit.  She goes on expedition frequently, finding wonderful people and the art of their work in out of the way places.

A some-time archaeologist.  A digger by nature.  A Canadian by birth.  A Brit by choice.

And to give a shout out to one of the prime bloggers in archaeology-

Publishing Archaeology-

This blog contains information and opinions (mostly mine) on professional publishing issues in archaeology. I am especially concerned with quality control, Open Access, and communication with other disciplines.