Society for American Archaeology 990 Form

Posted on September 17, 2012


A few days ago I posted a list on scholarly/professional societies in regards to their opposition to Open Access. Most of the information was gathered from 990 tax forms.

After looking at the tax forms I was a little interested in how archaeology societies fare. So I have looked up the Society for American Archaeology’s 990 form out of curiosity. They publish most of the budget in the SAA record but the 990 form has more detail.  Interesting stuff:

In 2010-

Revenue as $1,911,791 of which

membership- $735,481

Annual meeting- $653, 632

subscriptions- $236,234

publications- $75,141

web advertising- $20,322

Interestingly enough the director only makes $159,630. I say only as someone who would wish they could make that much but in relation to other societies that is very little.

Actually, I was very surprised by the SAA, they bring in relatively little money and pay very little to their chief executive compared to other organizations of similar sizes in other fields. The SAA actually has between 7-10,000 (i have found conflicting numbers) members. An organization of this size in other fields would be paying significantly more to their chiefs even if they did not earn that money.

A tip of my hat to the SAA, they are not a drain on their profession.

You can find the SAAs 2010 and other 990 forms here.

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