Archaeology/Archaeology Related Blogs to Read XVII

Posted on September 20, 2012


Here is this weeks round up of archaeology and archaeology related blogs to follow. The full list can be seen here. Let me know if I am missing any.

Em Hotep-

The mission of Em Hotep is to make Egyptology accessible to “curious laypersons and budding scholars

Ritual is Power-

My name is Matthew Piscitelli and I am an archaeologist pursuing my Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Since 2008, I have worked in Peru and dedicated my life to uncovering the country’s rich, ancient past in order to preserve it for the future. This website not only chronicles my exciting adventures, but it also shares the results of my innovative research at the Late Archaic (3,000-1,800 B.C.) site of Huaricanga in the Fortaleza Valley along Peru’s north central coast.


Craniophiles is the baby of an unlikely pair of friends- lets call them V & E.

V is a skull loving and slightly eccentric scientist with a PhD in craniofacial biology, an amatuer artist, taxidermist, lover of wine, coffee and tattoos.

E is a dopey rescue cat with a penchant for eating grass, sleeping awkwardly and sitting on laptops- you never know which post may have been written by her butt!

Rogers Archaeology Lab-

A great blog from some archaeologists at the National Museum of Natural History

Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things

My Cartoon Version of Reality-

For some great archaeology humor.