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Posted on October 10, 2012


Sorry, all for the lack of consistent blogging of late. Last week, after 2 years and 2 weeks in Edinburgh I turned in the pre-submitting paper work for my PhD (see pic).

So my life has been very busy as of late, finishing up the last of my chapters, avoiding the mail bombs from my other PhD students because I am finishing so early (the dirty looks are all in good fun. At least I think they really don’t hate me, I could be wrong), making sure all my T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted, etc. etc. Thus, I have not been as consistent with the blog.

Well today, I was informed that 60 days after finishing I will be kicked out of the country (Thank you Tory %#*&%*# your so #%*%*&). Given how universities work I won’t actually know when exactly that will be (give or take a few months). Going back to the US on short notice would normally not be a bad thing, I could jump back into CRM there. However, my wife now has a good job for career (museums, so crap pay and they will not sponsor her to stay) and that makes it a little difficult to just up and leave with little notice. As such, I will now be sitting on my thesis while I attempt to find a job (permanent, I have a temp one for now) or at least wait long enough so my wife can build up her resume/CV so we can move. Needless to say lots of free time to focus on some other stuff.

  • Lots of exciting stuff with archaeology jobs and trends will be happening in the next few weeks
  • Also, a nice series on inflation and pay
  • Finally, will finish my series on the press and archaeology
  • And last but not least, more round-ups of archaeology blogs.

I really don’t know why I gave my life story instead of saying that this all was coming up…. well too late now.

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